Pastor Akil & Lindita Pano

Gospel of Christ Church was started by Pastor Akil & Lindita Pano back in 2001, out of a vision given by God that is:

“Affecting the destiny of people through the life with Christ, a center to multiply disciples & starting of new churches”.

In just a decade God has done a marvelous work among Gospel of Christ church (GOCC) in Albania and out. We witness hundreds of people that committed their lives to Christ and thousands that have heard the gospel through GOOC during this years. The GOC that is located in Tirana numbers 350 church attenders 50% under 30 years old. Our goal it is to fulfill the twofold commission of Christ given to His  disciples; Preach the Gospel and make disciples. Our aim is to Start Bible studies home groups and planting new churches in the areas that there is not any evangelical church, preparing the new generation of the Christian leaders, pastors, evangelist and Bible teachers; making a shift in the culture of our nation. We are trusting the Lord that through this work Albania can be changed from a country that is still remembered for the greatest apostasy in the history of the nations, in the country that can be a great blessing  for sending the word of God in other countries of the world.


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