T here is a great humanitarian work being done through Gospel of Christ church with the Roma community in Tirana.   We have established Butterfly programs for Roma children in two different areas in Tirana: in area of the river band Babrru and in Shkoza. Problems of a social, economic and cultural nature are all found combined in this area. There is a high level of unemployment. Roma children are begging daily on the streets, which is a dangerous environment for human trafficking threat that is present in each of these children lives every day. Children are forced by their parents to beg or to collect scrap from the garbage bins to sell and provide for their families. Men are alcoholic and violent. Many of their parents are in jail. Most of the families live in huts, near the river in terrible conditions. The river overfloods many times and destroys their leaving places.

Our Aim

Our focus is to provide food, health care for the Roma children and family support. In the last years, five days a week, Butterfly is feeding around 150-170 Roma children. It is investing strength and energies to keep these children away from the streets where they are begging daily and to provide a safe environment to protect them from human trafficking threat..

Roma Children love to go to school. Poverty and the discrimination are the main reasons why the children can’t go to school. Around twenty children now have the opportunity to go to school from our project. The church has provided for the children school bags and other school supplies. Also, we have helped the families with food, clothing, blankets, household supplies, etc. We have seen transformation taking place in the life of Roma children.