For more than 10 years, GOC Church is also doing an outreach ministry among the students in Tirana every Thursday, by distributing pamphlets and books with the message of Christ. Young people who come to Tirana to start their studies face difficulties as they come from other cities. They are away from family, friends and face new challenges. Many students have to fit in with the big city of Tirana. Often, they feel alone and need friends to encourage them.

Before the pandemic closure, we organized different meetings, held every 3 months. We choose a topic for the meeting and we gather all the students together, share testimonies, play a drama with a message from the Bible and we have a fellowship time, to know more each-other. In our meetings, there were around 100-120 students, from 18-30 years old.

We have established relationships with many of them. During these years, we witness thousands of people that committed their lives to Christ and thousands that have heard the gospel through GOC. We believe that God will use the new generation to reach every heart for Christ.