F Fresk is one of the largest parts of Tirana, with a population that goes up to 50’000 inhabitants. It is a developing area that it is expanding day by day. The majority part of the families in Fresk, are young families who have come mostly from southern part of Albania. They came for a better life in Tirana but they faced a different reality from what they expected. New couples are in struggle and hopeless because of the poverty. They have found it hard to adapt with the lifestyle of the big city. Divorce rate is in a high level. The number of teenagers that use drugs has increased and a lot of them have been locked in prison because of robbery crime and drug distribution.

Children ministry.   We are organizing weekly meetings and  different attractive activities to share the Gospel with them, like: evangelistic meetings with different games, songs and Bible stories, crafts, drinks, competitions, gifts, puppet shows, Christian movies, camps, etc. During the summer we have a summer school for the local kids.
Youth ministry. We are working with young girls and boys by organizing meetings, Bible studies, English courses, sport-evangelism-activities etc. Women ministry - We are organizing weekly evangelizing meetings with women from the area. We teach them more from the word of God, have Bible studies, special activities, etc.

Main gathering every Sunday at 10:30 am