T he area of Mushqeta, where Gospel of Christ Church has established the church plant is 20 km south-east of Tirana, a very poor rural area. The main villages for our ministry are Mushqeta (centre), Krrabë, Zall, Skuterë and Mihajas. Each village has between 200 and 1500 inhabitants. Unemployment is in a high level. Poverty terrible living condition and not having hope for the future have made man alcoholic and violent. Many teenagers are drug users and gamblers. Many women are treated with disrespect and violence by their husbands. Teenage girls are getting married very young by their parents because they can’t provide for their education or even to provide for their basic needs.

The ministry in Mushqeta has started in January 2014 with the team from Gospel of Christ Church. In the last years God has established a good testimony of the church plant in Mushqeta among the Muslim people who live in this area. Many people and families have received salvation in Christ and the church is growing. We are doing regular Sunday services, home groups, Bible studies, youths and children ministry and different social activities to bring people closer to God. Believers with a serving heart from the church in Tirana have been serving among this community.

Gospel of Christ Church in Mushqeta gathers every Sunday morning for the Sunday service.

The Church is offering free English courses for the kids and teenagers. We organize children meetings. In this meeting, we teach them about Christ and play and enjoy the time together. We have been organizing young girls meeting every week. They are so thirsty to learn more about God as we study the Bible together. Many teenagers have accepted Jesus as their Savior. The young believers have become more mature in their faith. We are offering a sewing course for women and guitar lesson for boys and girls. We have been helping many poor families with clothes, blankets, food packages, etc. Since we have started the ministry in Mushqeta many people have started to follow Jesus and have been baptized.