G ospel of Christ church has been near and very close to the families impacted of COVID-19 in our country. We have a dedicated emergency intervention team, which responses to every request for help. During the first months, many families were isolated in their homes. Some of them went out in the forest to collect wild plants and cook for their children. Our dedicated team identified the families in need and intervened to provide family packages and hygenic support. By making a donation, you are helping to stop the spread of the disease around Albania and you are also helping us help those who are sick and struggling. This project enables us to help people affected of the pandemic through economic empowerment, access to clean water, health and nutrition programs, emergency relief, and more.

In November 26, a strong earthquake hit Albania. It hit harder the areas of Durres, Kruje, Lac, and Tirana, causing the death of 51 people, more than 1000 injured and heavy property damages. Thousands of earthquakes continued after the first strong one. We visited a village called Tarin. Tarini is a village near Bubq which was severely affected by the earthquake. This village is located near the epicenter of the earthquake. There were many damaged houses and the inhabitants of the area stayed in umbrellas for weeks, with no food or warm clothes during the winter nights. The village was a place desperate for the love of God and the people were in a very desperate condition, their houses were ruined and nobody ever visited them. GOC church is actively working to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and also of the earthquake in our country.